How To Receive Emails and Text Messages from Husband’s Phone

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Receive Emails and Text Messages From Husband’s Phone

I’m often getting asked by people here how to receive emails, sms, text messages and chat transcripts from their husband’s phone (or it’s often the wife’s phone, to be honest – girlfriend / boyfriend – substitute whichever you want here because it’s usually about cheating partners.)

I don’t like to start preaching morally about this as the phone spy software is already out there and on the market and nothing anybody is going to say is going to change that.

Nor is anything anybody says going to stop people wanting to try. All I can do is warn that this behaviour might be deemed illegal in some jurisdictions, and leave it up to the person to make their own decision.

So here are the facts about how you can do this.

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  • You need to have access to the target phone

As you have to upload a piece of software to the target phone then, of course, you will need access to it. You only need a couple of minutes but you must know their PIN or password and, of course, you will need the phone to have online access as you will be downloading a piece of software onto the phone from online.

  • You will need to pay.

The price of this technology has come down dramatically over the last couple of years. You can pick up the basic version for as little as ten dollars per month. In most cases, this will give you most of the functionality that you need to be able to find out what you need to know (usually it’s along the lines of if they are cheating and a quick look at their text messages or chat transcripts can often tell you that.) Don’t be fooled by the online scammers that say they will give you this software for free. It doesn’t exist.

  • Once installed, the software is fully automated and almost undetectable

It’s a quick and easy software to use and install and once done you can monitor everything from your own remote online login at your leisure. Basically, everything that is done on the phone will be yours to see.

What are the features that you will get for the basic version of this spyware?

  • Text Messages and MMS view

The software will let you to view any text message sent from or received by the target device.

  • Monitor Call History & Contact Book

Call Logging software allows you to see a time-ordered listing of all incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Internet Browsing History on the Phone

The online behavior tracking app allows you to snoop and record all activity occurring on the monitored Smart Phone’s internet browser.

  • Dates, Calendar, Tasks, Memos

This App tracks every calendar date, task, activity and Memo entered into the device (Phone or PC versions available) which can be viewed through your personal Control Panel.

  • Keyword Alarm

The keyword alert feature immediately tells you when a particular keyword or phrase has been found in the saved files on the phone. “When the app detects the keyword typed in a web address, text message, email, instant messenger or elsewhere, an alert is reported & e-mailed to you.”

  • Email Recording

Quickly read and store emails that have been sent from or to the phone (supports Gmail  for Android and iOS as well as other mail apps)

  • Bookmarks/Favorites

This allows you to see every Internet site bookmarked on the device’s browser.

  • Video and Image Spy

See all videos and images that are stored or shown on the cell phone.

  • GPS Location tracking

Let’s you easily track the location of the user via GPS and Google Maps

  • Change the Target Device Free of Charge
  • Full 24 hour 7 days a week email support and automatic software updates.

Having researched these cell phone spying devices for the best part of three years, I have no hesitation in recommending the software at the following link to help you to receive emails and text messages from your husband’s Android smartphone or iPhone.

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Cell Phone Spy Equipment for Mobile Phones

When you think about cell phone spy equipment, most people are probably going to think of James Bond-esque movies or something that is being done on an industrial level where companies need to keep intellectual property secrets or something like that.

The idea of ricin-tipped umbrellas on a rainswept bridge in Moscow springs to mind. In reality, most uses of cell phone spying tools are used in domestic cases on our very own phones and usually within the family.

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Since the conception of this kind of spying app, people have sought ways to keep an eye on loved ones, whether it be by using the GPS capability of the spyware to ensure the safety of children (or that they are going where they are supposed to be going) or to view text messages remotely (at first, there were genuine needs for this kind of technology, although that quickly gave way to more clandestine usage as spouses started to realize that they could essentially spy on their husbands or wives!)

Cell phone spy equipment
The Best Cell Phone Spy

Of course, morally and, indeed, legally this kind of behavior is frowned upon if not acted on in Courts of Law, to which recent headlines like the following can attest:


But that hasn’t stopped an incredibly large amount of the populations of countries all over the world from using the spyware for such surreptitious means. Incredibly, this kind of Mobile spying equipment can sell for as cheaply as $20 a month and the kinds of information that are available once the app is downloaded to the target phone is pretty mindblowing.

For one thing, text messaging or use of the new smart phone messaging apps such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and all those other first ports of call for secret messaging between lovers are no longer as private as the cheaters might like to believe. This cell spying software can crack all of these messaging apps instantly, as they happen. Even messaging systems that pride themselves in destroying a message or image after a short time has passed such as Snapchat used to do, are completely accessible to you if you have this software installed on the phone.

Other message service spy software includes We Chat, Kik, Telegram, Instagram and any other major social media player that you can think of. If they’re sending private Tweets or FB messages, these are also game.
This game-changing software can also record live audio calls, intercept audio and video messages, this is how much things have advanced since the days of SMS spying and text message interception.

Boyfriends are now snooping on girlfriends and vice versa via this kind of software and husband and wives that think they are getting away with cheating are finding it next to impossible to do so now that phones can be censored so quickly, easily and without detection.

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When you add in that the price of the cell phone spy is now almost free! (costs across providers are plummeting to all-time lows) for as little as $5 a month you can use the basic features of a cell phone spy system and see exactly what other people are saying, messaging, calling, sending videos and audio files of, as well as the traditional spying on pictures and images, email, sms, text call history and contact history and tracking the phone in real time via GPS and map software.


The Best Cell Phone Text Message Spy

Need To Snoop?

I’ve been in this game long enough to have seen cell phone text message spy tools come and go. The ones that last are few and far between and that’s usually because they actually work and provide some actual value for money.

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The Best Cell Phone Text Message Spy
The Best Cell Phone Text Message Spy

Cell phone spying software has been around for a number of years now since smart phones became a big thing. Companies like Flexispy and Spybubble were all the rage a few years ago and their spyware worked well enough. You could spy on text messages, see contact lists, even track the phone’s GPS and listen in on live calls. But things have moved on. With more and more people using cell phones via apps such as snapchat and whatsapp, you now need a more robust software if you want to have any hope of successfully spying on the goings on of a loved one or relative.

Text Message Spying

Imagine being able to see everything that somebody does via their phone – and that includes snooping on their messaging apps as well as SMS, texts and actual phone calls. Not only can you read all of their emails now but you can also see all of their online visits to websites, see which images they are sharing with contacts and even pick up messages from apps like Snapchat that are automatically deleted after 10 seconds or whatever the latest fad is.

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The best cell phone text message spying software nowadays you can pick up for pennies a day. No longer do you have to fork out over $100 to buy a product that you do not even know if it will work or not with your brand of phone. I know there’s lots of news out there about folks spying on their girlfriends phones or guys spying on their wives or vice versa, but, again, things have moved on. If you’re seriously wanting to monitor a cell phone in the cheapest possible way but with the best modern and effective software installed, then you should check out the links in this post.

Forget The Scams!

First and foremost, when buying a cell phone text message spy software, you’ll need to make sure that you buy one that is compatible with the phone you need to snoop on. There’s no point paying out good money to then find that it won’t download to the target. The way that all of this software works is that it need to be installed on the target phone in the first place. Forget all those scammy products that say you can do it without touching the phone you want to spy on. I’ve never seen one product that actually works in this way. You’ll be throwing your money away and then not getting any response from the vendors because they are basically scam artists.

So yes – you will need access to the phone for about 10 minutes to get this software installed. That is a prerequisite that cannot be ignored. With the sophistication nowadays of this software, it doesn’t really matter what brand the smartphone is because this will work on any Android, iPhone, PC or OS Mac system (yes they provide a means of spying on PC and laptop devices too).

Best Message Apps Spyware

You can try this software for as little as $20 for the first month and it may be that this is all you need to find out what you need to know. You might as well take the plunge – if you need it for longer, by this stage you will realise just how powerful the software is and you’ll not think twice about spending that kind of money. You could also go in for a longer subscription which will bring down the premium version of the software to about $12 per month. This is the cheapest, most powerful spying software for checking on text messages that there is and it is incredibly cheap with unbelievable features and customer support.

Text Message Spy
Text Message Snooping


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Does Cell Phone Tracking Software Work?

If you’re wondering if cell phone tracking software works, then you’re in luck.  It does! Modern cell phones include a GPS tracking module, so they can be located no matter where they are in real time.  It helps businesses keep track of employees when they are away from the office.  Using cell phone tracking software is a way of protecting your assets.  You can also track your children, if you have them.

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Cell Tracking Software
Cell Tracking Software


Cell phone tracking has become necessary, especially for children.  It’s a way to protect them from harm or a way to spy on them if they’re up to something illegal.  Mobile locators are in most new phones, but the tracking software you have to purchase is an extra cost.  It installs on your computer, but you have to have several other components to actually track the cell phone.  Most GPS tracking software connects to a satellite.

Mobile Phone Tracking Software

The satellite can locate a mobile phone if it gets lost or stolen, but it can also track the movements of a cell phone. You can find out a ton of information when you use cell phone tracking software.  You can track a mobile phone every minute of the day to find out where they’ve been.  You can also track the text messages, images, videos, and graphics of a cell phone.

Most cell phone tracking software is accessed through an online Internet website.  They have all the servers, routers, and satellite links to track a mobile phone.  The charge is usually a monthly fee, but it’s worth it if you want to know what your employees are doing when they’re not in the office.  Or you can track your teenager to see what they’re up to with their time.

Cell phone tracking software can monitor incoming and outgoing text messages, SMS messages, and even videos watched. You can track a mobile phone in real time.  That’s how the police track criminals and catch them in an illegal act.  You can do the same with any mobile phone you want tracked.

Does Cell Phone Tracking Software Work? In a Nutshell – Yes!

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Tracking a mobile phone is exceptional in emergencies or just for security.  If a family member is out camping and gets lost, you’ll have a way to find them, even though there are no cell towers in the area.  The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages when you track a cell phone.  Some of the third party cell phone tracking software offer advanced features like data analysis, charting, and sub accounts.  They create a chart, so you can see if your employee is doing what they should be doing.

There are privacy issues when you track a cell phone, but if you’re a business then you can track any employee without any worries.  Most cell phone tracking service providers can customize your privacy issues. Does cell phone tracking work? Yes, it does, and it works in real time! Taking advantage of technology is the best way to keep track of your employees or loved ones.

Cell Phone Tracking Online – The Easy Way

The level of surprise when you hear you can be tracked down through your phone is probably around the level of “What else is new?” Today, you are right in thinking so, but a few years ago this feature was a novelty, something groundbreaking. Even with the majority of cell phone owners knowing that they can track or can be tracked via that instrument, many don’t know how easy that feat is to accomplish.

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Finding a phone’s location was initially done with some tools put at our disposal by the Internet. However, the process was not an easy one, as you had to do most of the work yourself, and if your geography skills were rusty, you had every chance of failing. Then, along came cell phones with integrated GPS tracking, but they were a bit on the expensive side (and they still are), so few people went for them.  Also, that didn’t mean you would be able to know the phone’s location; carriers are known to be overprotective of their information.

Cell Phone Trackers
Cell Phone Tracking Online

These days, however, you can go to the Internet and access some professional tools made by established companies. For a monthly subscription, you get to see in real time where your phone is on the map. The downside is that these work only for specific users. If your service provider doesn’t offer GPS tracking, you have to look at another solution.

That brings us to special tracking software. Such software can be installed on any phone, usually the newer generation ones, and the service is available for anyone, anywhere, as long as there is access to the Internet. The best programs come equipped with other features, like keeping track of phone calls, messages, web pages viewed, and so on. This way, you not only know the geographical position of someone using their cell phone, but also everything that takes place on that phone.

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That makes those applications extremely versatile and useful. If you ever wanted to know at any time what your children and/or employees are doing and where they really are, then this type of software is ideal for you. Thanks to these tools, having a clear image of what someone is doing and where has never been easier.

Registration is usually required in order to use these cell tracking programs, as well as a modest fee. The fee is either a monthly subscription or a one-time-only payment. After that, you gain access to a wealth of features that can be used from any fixed or mobile device that has Internet connectivity.

Compared to other ways of tracking cell phones, this one is by far the easiest and most efficient one. Besides the GPS functions, the other features included in such pieces of software can prove invaluable to your efforts of keeping your family secure, or making sure your employees are actually using their work phones for business related issues.

Now that you are better informed on the cell phone tracking topic, it is time to consider how this could benefit you.


How Does Cell Phone Tracking Work? GPS?

Having started out mainly for military purposes, the GPS or Global Positioning System has, in the last decade or so, become a common tracking tool for use by the general public. GPS is perhaps the most accurate way known today for locating a particular position on the Earth’s surface. Due to the many benefits that it can offer, most new mobile phones and smart cell phones usually contain built-in Cell phone tracking GPS devices. The fear of parents of losing their child in a large crowd has been greatly reduced thanks to the availability of GPS technology. But unless you are actively tracking the phone through the means of some kind of app or software, the magic of GPS is literally wasted.

GPS phone tracker
Tracking Phones by GPS

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GPS in mobile phones can also be helpful in tracking down elderly people especially if they wander off alone. Mobile tracking can also be used in terms of emergencies since most government help centers like fire and police stations make use of cell phones to trace the location of the person asking for assistance. Lost and stolen cell phones can also be found by mobile tracking technology. As of today, more and more people have been using GPS to track down employees, friends and family, sometimes without them even knowing it!

Cell phone tracking GPS devices work based on the general principles of GPS technology. However, unlike those being utilized by hikers and divers, GPS on cell phones are much simpler because there is no need for data to be transmitted from satellites. These devices use microwave signals to track down a particular location. Both cell phone towers and satellites are needed for these cell phone GPS to function; a combination known as AGPS or Assisted Global Positioning System. A process called triangulation is employed to accurately pinpoint the exact location of a cell phone by means of its signal.

Though no phone activity is required to be used in tracing, it is important that it is switched on. Also remember that GPS mobile tracking can only work if the cell phone has built-in Cell phone tracking GPS devices. In order to remotely track a target cell phone you would normally have to download some software to the phone. Once this has been installed, the phone can be tracked from a remote, secure online server – and you would have access login to this server via the web.

Bizarre video about tracking Mobile Phones for Free.

Best Way To Track A Mobile Phone

Here’s The Best Way To Track A Mobile Phone

There may be a number of reasons for asking “how to track a mobile phone”, some of which may be justified and some of which may be considered morally reprehensible. The better question might be; is it possible to track a mobile phone? Whatever the reason, here’s the simple answer: Yes!

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Spy On Any Cell Phone
You Can Spy On Any Cell Phone With This Software

The two major ways that the location of a cell phone can be tracked are through ‘network-based’ or ‘handset-based’ methods. The former relies on proximity to cell antenna towers and provides an approximate location via triangulation, or interpolation, based on signal strength between the handset and the towers. This is the way that law enforcement agencies may track the cell phone of a missing person, but is not generally a way that is open to the general public to use to track a cell phone (or its bearer).

Mobile Phone Tracking Made Easy

There are a bunch of software packages out there – essentially just like phone apps, that will allow you to track the location of a cell phone. These work by exploiting the ‘handset method’ which makes use of the cell phone’s in-built GPS software. Generally, they will cost you (some claimed free are not particularly effective) and they also have to be installed on the phone that you want to know the location of. So, in effect, this can’t be done remotely (unless you have access at the level that the police or law enforcement agencies might have to the cell phone networks) but you will need to install this piece of software first if you want to know how to track where a cell phone is.

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Once installed on the phone it is a relatively simple matter of logging into a website (accessible only by the purchaser of the software) where you can snoop on all sorts of data from the target phone, including its location via mapping interfaces like Google Maps. And the data doesn’t stop there! You’ll also have access to all of the data from the cell phone including sms, emails, call logs and address books. You can even see online surfing history and any photos sent to and from the phone.

Easy Mobile phone tracker
Track Mobiles Easily

It is the tracking aspect of the software that is its best feature, though. Imagine being able to see exactly where somebody is at any time – whether you are trying to keep an eye on your troubled teen – or tracking another loved one. Suspicious activity, especially when you suspect that they’re up to no good, can be confirmed with this simple system for tell where somebody is when they say they are going someplace. If they’re not going where they are saying – you’ll soon know about it. Ways of tracking the location of a cell phone are, of course, popular apps and sometimes pretty inexpensive, but they are usually simply GPS reporters intended for the person themselves. However, if what you are after is a way to be able to track where a cell phone is without the phone holder knowing, then this kind of software comes recommended.

This Is How You Track A Cell Phone The Easy Way

Simply put, you’ll need to get the download online, after payment (from as little as $30) you can install it to the phone that you want to track. At the same time you’ll be given the login details for the website where you’ll be able to do all of the tracking. And that’s pretty much it. You’ll be able to track the location of that cell phone whenever it is switched on simply by going online – you can even do it by surfing online from your own phone. This is cell phone spying software at its best.

When you add in all of the additional features listed above, you can rest assured that you are getting a truly awesome return on your investment. So stop with the wishful thinking of ‘can I track the location of a cell phone’ – you really can – and it’s a lot easier and cheaper than you would have imagined!

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