How Does Cell Phone Tracking Work? GPS?

Having started out mainly for military purposes, the GPS or Global Positioning System has, in the last decade or so, become a common tracking tool for use by the general public. GPS is perhaps the most accurate way known today for locating a particular position on the Earth’s surface. Due to the many benefits that it can offer, most new mobile phones and smart cell phones usually contain built-in Cell phone tracking GPS devices. The fear of parents of losing their child in a large crowd has been greatly reduced thanks to the availability of GPS technology. But unless you are actively tracking the phone through the means of some kind of app or software, the magic of GPS is literally wasted.

GPS phone tracker
Tracking Phones by GPS

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GPS in mobile phones can also be helpful in tracking down elderly people especially if they wander off alone. Mobile tracking can also be used in terms of emergencies since most government help centers like fire and police stations make use of cell phones to trace the location of the person asking for assistance. Lost and stolen cell phones can also be found by mobile tracking technology. As of today, more and more people have been using GPS to track down employees, friends and family, sometimes without them even knowing it!

Cell phone tracking GPS devices work based on the general principles of GPS technology. However, unlike those being utilized by hikers and divers, GPS on cell phones are much simpler because there is no need for data to be transmitted from satellites. These devices use microwave signals to track down a particular location. Both cell phone towers and satellites are needed for these cell phone GPS to function; a combination known as AGPS or Assisted Global Positioning System. A process called triangulation is employed to accurately pinpoint the exact location of a cell phone by means of its signal.

Though no phone activity is required to be used in tracing, it is important that it is switched on. Also remember that GPS mobile tracking can only work if the cell phone has built-in Cell phone tracking GPS devices. In order to remotely track a target cell phone you would normally have to download some software to the phone. Once this has been installed, the phone can be tracked from a remote, secure online server – and you would have access login to this server via the web.

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